Commercial Shop Design – The Independent Yorkshire Shop – Meadowhall Sheffield, November 2019

My good friend who is the founder and owner of Bailey of Sheffield, asked me to help him and some other businesses Design a Artisan style pop up shop in Park Lane Meadowhall, Sheffield.
Working with very differing products and brand profiles including, Bailey of sheffield Jewellery, Locksley Distillery, Thornbridge Brewery and The Yorkshire Candle company.
The meaning of the word Artisan, is a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand…(food or drink) made in a traditional or non merchandised way using high quality ingredients.

Firstly I designed the schemes, provided a comprehensive shopping list for fixtures – props etc. planned the fixture layout and inputted into the graphic designs. Then I spent a day in the shop, dressed the window incorporating all products, positioned the fixtures/graphics and site lines/visuals, dressed and implemented all visual displays and supported with all the merchandising.

The end results, a cohesive artisan styled shop with great handmade visuals using natural textures like hessian sacks, Christmas trees, Ivy, eucalyptus, beer barrels and crates to display the fabulous products.

Chloe Janes, Events Co-Ordinator @ Thornbridge Brewery wrote; “It was a real pleasure working with Amanda for our recent project at Meadowhall! She was so knowledgeable about the retail industry and had a real vision for how the shop should look. It was challenging working with 4 different brands and tying them together and Amanda was able to achieved this. She made the shop look like one brand and was able to incorporate all the key elements we all needed. We loved the outcome, the shop looked amazing! Amanda was an absolute pleasure to work with and hope to be able to work with her on future projects!
Chloe Janes, Events Co-Ordinator @ Thornbridge Brewery.