Kitchen Extension Continues…


‘It’s nearly December 2018…the extension started end of June 2018 and one builder said to us it could possibley take 6/7 months, we laughed!  More fool us, but when I say that, it wasn’t the actual build that has taken the time, it’s been all the snagging and fiddly things.  For example the light switches I chose are German and sit flush against the plaster whereas normal light switches you dig back into the wall, so it’s taken time to get these right.

We find it hard to remember what the kitchen and the back of the house looked like before. The kitchen still isn’t complete and we are awaiting the tiles from Bert & May, (as it took me ages to decide, if you haven’t seen their website take a look as they have so many beautiful cement tiles  Fingers crossed these should be delivered week com. 10th December as I’ve managed to persuade my tiler to do the job before the Christmas holidays! I’m keeping everything crossed as it’s our turn to host Christmas day dinner this year! 🤞🏻🎄

I have wanted to share more up to date pics however I’ve been busy with clients, so I’ve not had chance to blog on here.  In the new year I’m hoping to share some top tips from this whole experience as I know some of you are talking to me about creating a similar family space and hope I can help your project run a bit smoother.  Or share my contacts and people I collaborate with, as you always need people you can trust.

Most importantly our daughter, Molly who’s just turned two (what a wonderful age) loves the space and most nights after tea wants to play tag around the kitchen table. So the days when there was dust EVERYWHERE, no joke and we had builders, chippy’s, glass fitters, electricians and plumbers on site and it felt like sixty minute makeover some days, makes it all worth it!

The Christmas Decs are down from the loft and this weekend we will be decorating ready for Santa, family and friends.

Amanda x

1. Lights, Owl & the Elephant 2. Windows & Doors, Basfords Nottingham 3. Kitchen handles, Yesterhome 4. Table & the two smaller chairs, Vintage Boathouse 5. Lights Owl & the Elephant 6. Clock, Owl & the Elephant.